The Cooks - Winter 2017

The Cooks - Winter 2017

About Katherine

A ‘transplant’ to Florida, I currently reside with my family in Vero Beach, Florida by way of Illinois, Wisconsin & Iowa (with a few quick stops in Michigan, Boston & the Caribbean tossed in too!). In 2010 I graduated from Conserve School, an environmentally focused college-prep boarding high school in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and in 2014 I graduated with an individualized major in Environmental Art & Science from Drake University in Des Moines, IA.

Now, after and while continuing to work from home, I’m adding Maker & Artist back into my personal bio. With Wynnifred by my side I’m embarking once again into the world of paint covered pants and one to many sketch journals laying around the house.

If you’ve known me for a while, thank you for your continued support throughout all of these adventures. If you’re new here… welcome! Thank you all so much and I look forward to sharing my passion to create with you all.