#AdventuresWithTheCooks: Wynnifred's first road trip


What an epic first road trip for our little girl! About 11 months ago Jon and I (and Archie) took a little road trip to his parents home in North Carolina as Hurricane Matthew visited our beautiful city of Saint Augustine. Now, all 4 of us are on our way to the mountains once again for a little fall family weekend. 

As we are driving through South Carolina we are monitoring the weather at home, as we will continue to for the next week. While we wouldn't mind being without power and having a mini camping session, with Wynnifred and Archie it wasn't a hard decision to fill the truck up (if you've watched the news the lines are real - everywhere... and no, the lines for water wasn't a joke either..we already had some though so avoided those stores), pack some cloths and snacks, and hit the road.


From the latest posts we've seen, hurricane Irma's cloud sheer is the same length as the whole state... wowza. We are planning for the worst and hoping for the best and appreciate the good thoughts and prays for the whole area that is affected. 

As we drive north with just a few of our closest friends and family :) we are also thinking about the Virgin Islands and friends that live there, and also an area that Jon called home for a season.  


Just a little longer to go, then quick rest before Wynnie gets us up to see if there's any color change in the leaves up there!  

before hitting the highway, checking everything out.  

before hitting the highway, checking everything out.  


Mini Homestead: Fall Garden Prep & Planning

The time has come... to daydream about our fall garden! Things got a little out of control out there towards the end of this summer (7-9 month pregnant throughout Florida summer = minimal weeds  & grass being pulled) but we have since cleaned it up and gotten it covered to kill any other weeds and keep them out too. Shelby from Dog Day Gardens has helped us plan the layout of our garden, soil mixtures, as well as provide excellent plants for us to add to our garden to nurture and enjoy throughout the growing season! We can't wait to get our hands on some tomatoes in September, and all the goodies that will be coming in October! The spring planting season is difficult as you have to get things just in time, but the gloriousness about the fall is that we have such a long window so can plant enough to continually harvest until early spring!

Our Datil plant!

Our Datil plant!

We still have a Datil Pepper plant (learn more about Datils here and here) growing as well as watermelon (which has taken over a third of the garden!!). I've enjoyed making the Datil peppers into sauces and relish, and Jon has done a great job monitoring those watermelons - we are just waiting for the stems to get all dried up and then we can pick them and eat! Or make watermelon purée ice cubes to put with tequila... thanks Geoffrey Zakarian and the Kitchen for the idea.

Close up of these hot hot hot peppers (that have a real sweetness as well!)

Close up of these hot hot hot peppers (that have a real sweetness as well!)


And here's our garden! We've added woodchips to the center and can have container plants there, and have covered the cleared portions of the garden to kill any weeds we missed and keep them out until we are ready to plant more. Once we are at that stage we will add more compost (that we make 'in house'). 

We're looking forward to getting tomatoes, mustard greens, cilantro, lettuces, and maybe even brussels sprouts planted along with other root veggies from seed. Can't wait to share this mini Florida 'homestead' with you!

Growing Family: Waiting on our Little Sprout!

A couple of weeks back we got to meet up with our favorite photographer Morgan of Cobalt & Co.! She photographed our engagement and wedding and it was so fun visiting Washington Oaks State Park and playing among the beautiful trees, water, and beach with our not-so-little-and-still-growing Sprout!

We're still waiting for our little Sprout to arrive (no surprise for us we are waiting on standy.. although we are very excited and eager!) and wanted to share a few of our favorite pics with you all... so here they are!


Thank you again Morgan for these lovely shots, can't wait to get some of us with baby in our arms!! Eager to share our exciting news with you.. when we have some! All for now, Cheers


Growing Family: The Countdown is (way) on!

We're just under 2 weeks until our due date... and getting to meet our little Sprout! I have enjoyed being pregnant but am ready to get this little adventure buddy out here with us to share even more smiles, laughter, and all the learning that is going to happen for years to come. 

While most of getting ready has included tasks like organizing things that haven't been touched in a while around the house, getting Sprout's room ready, and snuggling Archie as much as possible, we've also done some exploring around town just the two (...and a half...) of us. Beach walks had been a pretty regular activity, but as the temps have climbed since June and it's too warm even in the mornings for me we've had to find some other fun things to do. 

We'd been waiting to explore the Lightner Museum for a bit now, and while I thought it might be a rainy day activity, turns out it's a pretty good 100 degree and sunny day one!

We started the tour with a little Music Box session - twice a day the Lightner Museum has a docent do a little show and tell of the fabulous pieces in the collection. It was so neat learning of the history of both these unique pieces as well as more about how the museum came to be. I would highly recommend this as part of your visit here (something i'm excited to take family on when they are here). 

The museum has a large collection, but as they are only able to show so much at time items do continually change - which is great because you can go back again and again and see a different piece of history. While we were there we also had a little snack at the Cafe Alcazar, located where the swimming pool was.

I've got a few other little projects in the works that i'll share more of once they're a bit more complete... i'm running out of time to finish them so here I go to do that! Cheers, thanks for reading.

Growing Family: Bar Remixed to Baby Bookcase

Baby prep is in full swing! We've got the dresser & changing pad, cozy chair, and crib all set up... atop a simple and cute Button Rug from Ikea... pictures to come but there's still half finished projects all around the floor to clean up first!! 

One little nook of the room needed a little something though - and a while back we decided the best use of space was to add a bookshelf. I spent some time looking at leaning shelves, building something custom that would fit just so, and so on and so forth. But in the process of getting a new washer & dryer (happy accident right before baby!) we had to move our old Bar - built from Crates - out of the mudroom to make space. I had contemplated trying to sell this piece I made a few years back, or seeing if it would fit in the guest room. Then inspiration struck! I had nailed and glued the crates together, so why not take them apart and repurpose. We're all for resusing both for the dollar savings and environmental impact. And what a cool way to use something from our first home together. 

Painting the $7.00 crates in the Old Mission house with Archie!

Painting the $7.00 crates in the Old Mission house with Archie!

The 'Original' Crate Bar

The 'Original' Crate Bar

Originally I used 5 crates, a small bit of plywood on the bottom (to keep everything together) and two pieces of 1x6 on the top. Instead of busting the crates into individuals, I decided to keep those that were stacked together as so, and add the last horizontal  one to the bottom.

Hubby chops the crates apart!

Hubby chops the crates apart!

Design Decisions...

Design Decisions...

i'm so happy with how the project has progressed! I decided to paint the crates white to blend with everything else in the room, and pop just enough. Because of how the molding is on the floor Jon helped me add one little foot so that we could push the crates all the way into the corner. Right now we are planning on having the upper section (one horizontal and one vertical crate) mounted with a gap so it adds one more shelf, gets the stained wood to show more, and uses the most space up to the ceiling. 


Next up is to fill it back up with all the books and some other tiny treasures for the little one! (And figure out what to do with the other little piece of wall to the left, which will be behind the door!). This room is coming along, and as much as we are enjoying getting a lot of the big features completed we are also leaving room to change and develop as we learn more and knowing the little one is going to grow oh so quickly!