Painting Project: Celestograph Press, Volume I, Issue I

I completed a painting today! This project is a response to the film The City Dark which discusses the loss of ability to see the night sky in cities. The film will be showing at the Science Center of Iowa here in Des Moines, with a short show of my and my classmates works prior to the viewing. 

It was really neat working on this project, both conceptually as well as the process that I went through in planning and creating the work. I looked at several other artists that did work on the night sky, and was very impressed and surprised by one artist that created Celestographs - he was convinced that by laying photo paper on the ground at night that he was capturing imagery of the night sky. In reality he was gathering street lights, dust, concrete chips, and anything else floating through the air and around the ground. 

So with this painting I wanted to focus on my own memory of the evening sky, and feeling both big and small compared to it, as well as the idea of elements on a work and creating a story of something so natural in a very creative and unnatural place (from a studio).