Storage, Home, and Boston Bag.

Well actually it's more like final papers, storage, home, and Boston bag. You see folks, those are the four things between me and arriving in Nassau, Bahamas to begin my summer adventure. There is the pile of work to be finished (some due tomorrow, some Friday. Yippe). Then the packing bins to be stored in Des Moines over summer, the few things that need to go home, and the duffle bag that needs to be crammed... I mean lightly packed... for summer.

Of course it will all get done for better or worse, i'm not too worried. However, there is lots i'd like to get one on here before I leave which I fear (well, actually, know) won't get done - my artwork pages, the URL to work right, among other things. So for now please forgive me.

This will most likely be my last post before the transit north of the Liberty Clipper begins - but make sure to take a look at the Instagram page as that is most likely where I will have the most up to date photos (not while sailing... we'll be a few hundred miles from land for 2 weeks).

All for now, I should probably finish my work now so I can take more stuff out of my duffle.