In my leadership course this fall we took time to write I Am From poems. These poems were all stemmed from the ideas of George Ella Lyon's Where I'm From poem, and they really all give a unique insight that as a class we wouldn't gotten in other ways. While typing up my final leadership paper I wanted to make sure and share this. I'm bringing it with me for the transit, as well as the cue questions, and hope to write another one and consider even more deeply the things that I put it in. So, to stay open and sharing, here is my very own I am From poem.


I am From

By Katherine Clark 


I am from flowerbeds and vegetable gardens,

   And catching lightning bugs

   From the backyard and

 Pick up everything before you leave the room.

I am from sidewalks and a pair of trees,

    That are transformed to endless imaginary world.

   Bike rides of no particular direction and Frisbee with dogs that don’t fetch.

I am from the softness of Lily of the Valley and

    A yard of unlimited possibility.

From constant support.

I am because of the early years

     Memory boxes and mental banks full

All before I left for the period of most growing up.


I am from first swimming lessons and days spent at the pool

    And of course biscuits and gravy for dinner.

I have the blood of Irene and Johnnie and Dorothy

    Of go-ahead-and-try-it attitudes.

I am from log movers and pokers, wood fireplaces and

   Tenting in the rain.


I am more than years, more

    Than accumulated tokens of memories.

I am from ‘can’t be worse than poop in the pool’,

      And helping out versus doing chores.

I am from the worn and loved

   Wooden back deck and

     Flooding the sandbox.


I am the result of

    Hard work, laughter, tears.

I am from family matters attitude

  And the same old cooking magazine that we better not loose.


From piles of old mail and

   Constantly miss matched socks.

School uniforms of plaid and green and maroon and white.

Packed lunches.


I am from In Every Bulb There is a Flower

   And we can make a difference.

I am from the go-with-it attitudes.

 I am from keep pushing on, and see what happens next.