Week Wrap Up + Projects + Trip Prepping

Completed the first week of Spring 2014 semester! It's been long and hard, but good. This semester I am in Painting (preparing for a solo senior show), an Environmental Science capstone course (project information and details to come), Living Life Well (a course similar in a way to my First Year Seminar), and Invertebrate Biology (which I am lucky enough to take with my degree advisor Keith). With that and a full work load (on campus with the events management office) it certainly has not been boring. Highlights so far have been a challenging but interesting list of books for Living Life Well, and a group art piece/show that has 5 classes working together for three weeks!

Things Fall Apart and Mars Cafe Lattes (reading for class)

Things Fall Apart and Mars Cafe Lattes (reading for class)


Left: My Version     Right: Target Spring 2013

With all that though you have to have some fun too, right? This week i've been working on sewing...lots. I finished this dress (left) that is similar to one from Target last spring (right). It was pretty simple, and i'm glad I get to bring it on my little trip! Tonight i'll be working on a little bag/tote for my art supplies (which I'll tote around in my Timbuk2 bag) and possible a swim cover up and other dress.


Last night I also had the pleasure of visiting Ephemera Paper and Stationary Studio for a Valentines making afternoon! Adrienne and Lauren joined my after we took a swing through a lovely little fabric and yarn store Stitch, and we crafted our hearts away and got to know the wonderful women of Ephemera a little better. I will most certainly be back to Ephemera, and of course Stitch as well... both are such perfect gems of the East Village that should not be ignored. 


Song of the Week... last several weeks actually.

This song is what I blast in the car, and what will play throughout my flight. I'll be getting at least another album for pick-me-ups and travel music.



That flight and little trip i'm taking? Well, soon I depart for a week in the US and British Virgin Islands with Jonathan and the Cook family. I am so excited to be down there once again and be on the ocean. You can read more about the Liberty Fleet and the Virgin Island trips (along with those on the Clipper in the Bahamas here on Jonathan's Blog). 


Weekly Miscellaneous Photos from the Week! 

Well, I found a new Laundromat (although I will admit that it's only the second time i've gone here, because I either use the dorm or just stock it up for home...). Smiling with the snow ready for 85 degrees and salt water. And La Mie winning my heart again with Apple Almond Oatmeal and fresh crescents. 

Have a wonderful week everyone! I'll be posting the first few days of my trip, I'll be staying at a Rhoda's Guest House in the Tillett Gardens in Anna's Retreat on St Thomas before heading to see for the week. Check out my Instagram for the most live updates!