Life Lately: KJC August and September (oh my... October too!)

Well everyone, looks like it's been much longer than I thought since an update! Things have been going well here in Saint Augustine, although tonight is one of the first nights i've been back on the porch writing. (and that was a couple weeks ago... now i'm sitting in the living room play fetch with a furry doggy friend!)

Jonathan and I have had a busy couple of weeks though, and even as the tourism seasons is 'slowing down', adjusting to his new schedule throws all routine to the wind! Sunset trips run more than an hour earlier, and so does the rest of dinner and hanging schedule. (and since originally writing this post the boat has bee hauled out of the water for regular maintenance meaning laundry every evening and scruffy face staying until the boat goes back in the water in 9 days). 

And now... welcome to picture overload! This really is the best way to give you a good understanding of the fun stuff going on though (just remember there's lots of work hours, laundry, and grocery shopping stuffed in between these moments!... and surprisingly enough some that I leave the phone in the car to simply enjoy)


Slugs on the front porch (3in long..)

Early evening stroll at St. Augustine Beach Pier

Jon's new longboard

Schooner Pursuit

Schooner Pursuit

Evening concerts - this was the last one for summer, but I will be back next year!

Taco night for Fantasy Football Draft!

Watching Fiddler Crabs near the Fort

Jon's new truck is here!!!

Thank goodness the search for the truck is over...

now just ongoing searches for parts and fixing solutions:)  (He was clearly excited about this photo being taken too)

Took it for a spin right away... windshield wiper popped off... oops!

Rainy truck rides around downtown St. Augustine!

Jon gets home early and it's nice out... porch time and talking :)

Truck at sunset

I painted a chair green this month too... more to come on that later

Saturday afternoon projects and walks to the Freedom

Jon working on his truck with a nice bathroom wash cloth...


Date night drinks at the ice plant


Ant the awesome bathroom at the Ice Plant

Sweet fish at the Marina

I think I can fix a carborator at this point :)

Driving to N orth Carolina!

Mexican for dinner!

The best coffee

Driving to catch up on family history

The boys playing My Singing Monsters...all weekend

Antique Archeology in Nashville!







Corsair Distillery tour, tasting, and selfies

Lights and trees and smiles and laughs

Pinewood Social!

Bocce, pool, delicious food, coffee, ping pong..yum

Oh and did I mention awesome bow ing lanes!

Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin

Show offs

Family pumpkin carving

Driving through the mountains

Cooking dinner and making tuna appetizers

Saturday starting at the garden..

delicious (as usual) at Gas Full Service

and lovely French Press

and walks at the beach

Well folks, that's all for now! Sorry it's taken so long to get these up, but better late than never! November Life Lately coming soon... 


Things have gone so fast the last couple of months and I will be sure to include some more writing in my next post about it all!