Life Lately with KCgoestoFL

Hey ya'll! 

I've been drafting this post in my head for days now (then wrote it and didn't post...whoops!), but between setting up the house, walking around town, and getting adjusted to the heat and humidity I just kept taking photos and skipping the posting part. 

To start, here's a few photos from the last month or so... 

But, I've successfully made it Florida (a week or so ago I suppose...), settled in a bit, and started work! Dad drove my minivan down with me, and over about a day and a half we successfully traveled eleven hundred something miles to reach St. Augustine, Florida.

For those of you who followed my instagram you've seen some of these photos already, but it's the best way to share the journey with everyone! First up today are some photos of the road trip south. {Click any photo to view larger with caption}

Routine is getting established here, with JB working later in the day until 9:00pm most nights (eek!), but that has given me time to explore our little coast town some on my own. Here's a map to show you where we are: 


Here's some more Life Lately any of them to see larger!

The truck that i've been having some fun driving :)

Jon explaining how weather moves over Florida hovering over the shore but not raining

The Bridge of Lions near the marina

The Bridge of Lions near the marina

My man, Captain Jon

Walking around St. Augustine

Schooner Freedom

Topsail goes up on the Schooner Freedom

New sheets!

Sold at the grocery store: Pool cleaners

Part of our house...

Driving on the beach! Feels like like driving on slushy snow!

Standing in the water... that person there is JB! Saint Augustine Beach


St. Augustine Farmers Market at the Amphitheater

Castillo de San Marcas National Historical Monument

The Sea Wall

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to sharing more of this journey with you all.