Thunder and lightning and puddles, oh my!

It's been a stormy few days here in St. Augustine, but as quickly as the fronts come, they quickly dump rain and go. I've got lots to post about mom and dad being here (mostly just all of our explorations through photos once again) but couldn't wait to get these up!

I love watching the radar, and in our house we should probably just it on the TV at all times with the weather forecast, and switch between NOAA and Wunderground. I've gotten art project ideas from the morphing colored shapes, and learned more about the places i'm living by watching and learning how the land and water patterns affect the storms. 

Here this is no different - and where the forecast used to say 'cooler by the lake' it's 'cooler on the coast', or forecasts just for the beaches on the radio (who knew this would be it's own little blurb!). It's inland and coast - and for a no-coast gal every storm is interesting so far. (*note there haven't been any that I have been mandated to wear boots down the street or paddle belongings out of our house or follow the funny blue evacuation signs... yet).

These storms were especially interesting though because of all the arrows on radar app - they've seriously been going every direction within one storm - that when you slide the little bar looks to be going east to west, but is actually doing cartwheels and summersaults at the same time while approaching the coast.

So to tie you over until I get other things posted, here's some weather photos!

Just wraps itself around us... sometimes divides like a forcefield and others makes it a meeting point. But check out those arrows!

posted earlier on 904HappyHour Instagram account - stuff like this is still coming down a bit, lots of electricity in the air

finally picked up my real camera and shot a little..

I was worried about some neighbors basement as I walked down the street.. but oh yea, it's Florida and there isn't worry about that flooding... hehe

All for now - editing and drawing and posting photos... oh my!

Cheers   - - No Coast KJC