Double Rainbows and Red Sunsets

Hey Ya'll, 

Rain...rain... (before the plants)

Well, sure has been a while, hasn't it? For those who are wondering, things are still going very great here in St. Augustine. Little by little the house is still getting set up (well, lived in is more like it), but once a little mirror DIY project is complete i'll get some house tour photos up!

I posted last time about the weather and storms... and well, I did take my 'big camera' out to grab a few shots. Writing from the porch as the sun sets on a relatively cool night is so relaxing, and i'm pleased to share these photos with you all.  The sunset photos posted, as well as the one I am observing right now, is the magical kind where the sir feels and looks pink, coral purple. (Yes, I did just say the air looks like a color... it's magical, like a seamless panoramic filter that makes the solid black of the pick-up truck out front sepia colored)  (click any photo to view larger)

Since the last time I posted things have been pretty regular and - good projects getting completed at work, tried to keep up with my chores : ), and feeling more and more at home each day. With my fancy new Florida license I got several weeks ago, I was also able to go get my very own library card last weekend! While I haven't checked anything out yet, the library is about a 1/2 mile from the house, so when it isn't 100 degrees outside i'll be able to walk up there to check out some books and fill the library-book basket full. I've been enjoying reading A Place at the Table , which is the first full book i'll have finished in quite a while. Of course there are many many more 'meaty' books that will soon be back on my shelf here.

Well folks, short and sweet but that's all for tonight... i'm off to post some art photos on this site (stay tuned for more info on that)... as well as work up some pieces for my SHOP to open soon! 

Cheers and happy Saturday,