Life Lately: April

It's turning from Springtime to Summer very quickly here in Northeast Florida, which means lots of work for Jon, air conditioner at home working harder to keep 90% down inside, and Archie more ready than ever to hit the beach even more often. And summer crock-pot recipes being googled faster than I can write down any sort of grocery list. 

My boy Archibald worked with me tonight to get this posting together, he's pretty proud of his work! Tried not to change too many things on him either - that boy is talented without thumbs!

Archie is also pretty excited for the launch of his instagram this week too: AdventuresWithArchibald. Go ahead and hollow him he'll love it!

Hope everyone's had a great month and that may is off to a good start too. If it's not too much... you've still got some time to get out in the sunshine, play in the dirt, or whatever else makes you happy in May!

Everyone deserves some mail!

This month we've been up to lots of spring cleaning (who wants to see photos of that), puppy snuggles and springtime sunsets while out sailing. These last couple of weeks have gone by quite fast, but we're all enjoying time together as things quickly gear up. (No complaining there, just means getting more creative with dinners that can be eaten at 6:30 and 10:30pm and the day after, making the most of times we have together, and somehow getting stinky work cloths washed!) Archie has gotten himself comfy in bed a few times (he gets scared sometimes just like we all do) and enjoyed seeing his Dad whenever he gets home, with a drink in his hand and a seat on the couch. 

I've been lucky enough to go out on several sunset trips the last couple of weeks too, going out on small intimate trips with locals and tourists alike, taking in dolphins jumping around by full moonlight, honeymooning couples taking in cool air out on the water, and seeing my goofy and great man in action running the boat that is his second home. 

Can't wait for Mom and Grandma to get here to go sailing and check out Saint Augustine from the water!

Saturdays around here usually consist of running errands for the Freedom with Jon, checking on another boat he worked on once (what he's showing me in the above photos) and then checking on the garden at the community garden plot! It's coming along well this season (need to get some newer photos though). The Dill plant was host to at least three Black Swallowtail butterflies this spring and we've got a large mix of veggies planted to see how they do in the summer heat of Florida. It's sure a learning experience, but also sure a fun one.

Black Swallowtail caterpillars at the garden

Planting Beans!

Caterpillars were hanging out too

He's got toys, and blankets, and beds galore. 

But this is where he has to sit.

This month was full of some of the more 'standard' sights and sounds of Saint Augustine, which is perfectly fine by me. Archie and I enjoyed some art time, and great walks (before the serious crowds and heat begin) up to the bridge and Marina. Archie likes watching his Dad dock the boat and say hi to all the passengers as they disembark and I like getting some serious steps in for the day.

Traffic stopped for the bridge opening

Watching the Freedom approach the bridge

Painting helper!

Jon was lucky enough to get a little time for some fun activities the last couple of weeks too - we hit up the Rhythm and Ribs Fest for some really great food and got to see Rusted Root preform (... Send me on my way.. duhduhh, send me on my way... ) and also visit the local Saturday Farmer Market at the Amphitheater, where Jon learned there are treats like fresh lemonade for those that are good.

This house (Archie) also makes time for some good naps, and excellent bath time with rubber duckies and foam bath letters. Archie's favorite though is all the towels he gets to drag around the house... little does he know he's finally helping with his chores. 

Sometimes you just have to get out and play.

One afternoon Jon and I went for a little drive to a beautiful state park just south of here for a little stroll and view of the historical gardens there, and on the way home we stopped at this sweet little spot to have a mini picnic in the bed of the truck. It was hard not to run down the rocks and jump in!

Kookabera and a great sailing trip... what more do you need? 

and glare at you while you're having your popcorn.

Well, looks like that's the roundup for this month, short and sweet as Archie was falling asleep too much to finish it all. It's time for dinner for us all here in Saint Augustine, and dreaming ourselves to sleep. Here's to many more adventures and exciting happenings all summer long, puppy snuggles and discovering new favorite gems here in Florida.

We'll be planning trips for Uncle Cooper and Chipper to come (Jon's dog-brothers), my mom and Grandma in a few short weeks, and a fun filled Holiday weekend of exploring. 

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