Life Lately: Sweet Summertime

Wowwwwwww-eeeee can you say summer?  

Things have been busy round here for sure... besides snuggle time with Archie, getting engaged and planning a wedding, Jon working 9 days a week in the hot-hot sun... we've got just enough time to say good morning to eachother and share dinner (at 10pm). {and we wouldn't have it any other way}

At the very end of May, our summer kicked off with a big YES. It was already a busy month, but Jon was able to get an evening off... one that happened to be on a very perfectly windy evening. After a full day of work for me and a day of prepping the sailing dingy for Jon, he came home and we got ready to head out. With a full cooler, waterproof bags, and the bluetooth speaker we departed from the Saint Augustine Marina. After receiving Jon's rose, safely making it under the bridge... we sailed around, watched the Freedom go out for her sunset sail, and zig-zagged our way around the bay before tucking back near the Mission.

There, I quickly dropped the anchor, lowered sail, and there was my man on one knee in the boat with the biggest nervous smile and look on his face. A quick kiss, slipping the ring on my hand and hug later the anchor was hauled up (nothing says love like being splashed by waves and covered in some mud) and sweetly tacked our way out of the creek. 

Of course it was a fantastic weekend, and we cannot wait to share with our family this October 3rd when we get MARRIED!

This summer we've snuck in weekend brunchtime puppy snuggles, and certainly some beach time. 

and seeing so much wildlife around the marina!

While it's been hot this August and Early September, the start of the summer offered perfect temperatures and sunsets. We even grew a bunch of sunflowers on the back porch! The perfect color pop for our little grey and white backyard area. It's mostly been too hot to keep this going, but we have started seeds and small plants for our fall vegetable garden.

with the perfect explorer dog we've checked out some of the favorite hotspots this summer and continued to take some new paths too! Just one stop this summer (there were way too many ticks!) but all three of us are more than excited to get back out there. 

Before the El Galeon headed out on her east coast trip, Jon and I got to join in for a little going away party. It was such a blast checking out the boat with just the crew on board, and most especially at night. She's here for another week or so, then in Savannah until October 4th. She's been beautiful sitting in the Saint Augustine City Marina, and I will miss the traditional classiness that she brings to the city. 

And what would summer be without some really great thunderstorms and puppy naps?  and beachtime of course.

On his day(s) off Jon enjoys spending time with Archie and working on this truck (which runs fine just can always use some tuning up). During the week I sneak up the road about half a mile to the Farm to Family food truck. This mobile market is so fantastic, it's all local produce and gets fresh goodness to so man neighbors and communities that might not have the ability to get to a market otherwise.

Break for Archie's Corner

Rest of the Summer

Jon's been busy with work o course, but every once and a while you've got to take a break, right? he's replaced and cleaned many parts o

Kansas City, Kansas

So after the eating, shopping, exploring and hanging out it was back to Saint Augustine. Can't wait to see these lovely ladies in just a couple of weeks for WEDDING WEEKEND!

Wedding Bells

Wedding planning so far has been really great. By keeping it simple and with our closest family around we've made every decision with the hope and plan to have a simply elegant lovely day. Jonathan has been a good sport with planning too, looking at invitations, decorations and even stopping into Bed Bath and Beyond with me (which he actually enjoyed more than he'd tell me, because he found some cool cooking goodies and even some Shark Tank things). 

We are having our ceremony at the Lightner Museum Courtyard. This is a beautiful poured concrete structure that has been in Saint Augustine forever. This courtyard is 'concealed' from the streets but is full of trees inside, even has a small pond and bridge. Here we will have an intimate ceremony before heading over to a residence for a luncheon reception. We'll be posting photos of the celebrations on our wedding site!

The photos below show the courtyard!

We've had many toasts so far - champagne the week we got engaged (Jon sabered it), Irish Cream at Meehans for booking our Rehearsal Dinner, and Martini'as with our parents during various visits this summer. Archie has been a good sport, working on his wedding wreath with me. And Jon even got to play dress-up and get a new suit! (I've only seen him try it on with t-shirts underneath, so will still be surprised when he's got he shirt, tie, and all that put together).




Well Folks, I do believe that is enough for one update (especially given how slow the page is loading my typing :). We look forward to sharing these next couple of weeks with you, and all of our future adventures that are to be had. Have a great early start of Fall ya'll. Cheers,