Happy... 7 Month Anniversary!

Jonathan and I have been married for seven months! There's lots of photos on our wedding website here, and i'll treat you to some more right here later on... because today i'm sharing  a little peek at our Puerto Rico honeymoon with you!

After the wedding ceremony and celebrating with family in October Jon & I jetted off to Puerto Rico! We had so much fun celebrating with everyone in Saint Augustine, but after the busy summer and fall the quiet time was definitely order. We were lucky enough to spend about a week and half together there. We got to explore Old San Juan and spend several days in the rainforest.

While we didn't try to compare our visit there to Saint Augustine, sometimes it was hard not to! Fun funky food, forts and National Parks, and small winding streets had us feeling like we were so far yet so close to home. Staying at small boutique hotels made it even better, being so close to the beautiful blue brick roads and sidewalks. 

One hotel we stayed at, the Hotel El Convento, is the yellow building. Following the road down the hill was our second, the Hotel Herencia!

One hotel we stayed at, the Hotel El Convento, is the yellow building. Following the road down the hill was our second, the Hotel Herencia!

We absolutely loved walking around Old San Juan - the walkways along the tall stone walls, tiny Gastropubs with Rum cocktails and music, the Original Pina Colada, running into Sailboats (that they let us just walk around!), and all the shops and treats we'd stop into along our meandering way made the easy going unscheduled time the very best.


After 3 days in Old San Juan it was off to the Rainforest! We hadn't decided on a rental car... until that morning. Once in a lifetime trip, and we were headed into the wild... so why not JEEP! 

We hit the scenic road with verbal directions and a paper map headed for the best bbq i've had... maybe ever. Then up a long steep road to find our beautiful rainforest oasis.

We overlooked a few houses, could see the ocean, and were about 100 feet from the Park Entrance. A true oasis.

Nestled away, our schedule worked around the sun. So by 6pm we were listening to frogs, stargazing, and dreaming.

After hiking around for a few days and listening to the Jurassic Park theme song ever time we got into the car, we were on our way back to the Hotel Herencia for the third leg of our trip. This hotel had no plunge pool, but we had our very own soaking tubs! We weren't sure we were really going to use them, but wit the heat and humidity and time of relaxing running down, we filled them up and took a soak!

Now, we are back in Saint Augustine, heading into the busy summer season! Things are going well here, working on some fun things we're exited to share just as soon as we can. That's all for now... but I look forward to sharing more very soon!

Best Souvenir? Bringing Archie a coconut that our rainforest host Carole and her dog Tequila gathered for us! She said he'd know what to do with it... and he sure does!