Conserve School

It is true when they say that you're life can change in an instant, because it happened for Katherine. Instantly after arriving onto campus in Land O Lakes, Wisconsin, Katherine and her family knew that this place would become home and couldn't wait for the journey to begin. 

Conserve School is located on 1200 acres of Northwoods Wisconsin land, with 7 lakes, 25+ miles of old logging road trail and 10 miles (and growing) of student-build single trail. While the numbers may sound impressive, the magic and spirit that this place holds was what captivated Katherine and her family throughout the four years she lived and learned at Lowenwood (the properties name). With a focus of Conservation and Sustainability this school not only developed well informed students, but individuals that would go out into the world and make significantly positive impacts on the world around them. 

Boarding School Atmosphere

By living with teachers and peers a whole other layer of learning and developing occurred throughout the Lowenwood experience. 

Challenges and joys, all were a part of the education on a whole, and a vital part at that.  

This environment provided and encouraged a network and support that otherwise would not have existed. Spur of the moment runs in the rain and movie marathons would not have been the same without the academic focuses and common living areas that Conserve School had.

Conservation and Sustainability

Not many youth have the opportunity to have a deep connection and education to a natural world, let alone in a place where you are only surrounded by it. Learning early on about the Green Machine (water processing facility on campus) , living with land/earth conscious classmates and faculty members, and being exposed to a variety of experiences and opportunities that paid special attentions to the land and the world we live in. Being a part of environmental and outdoor recreation education sparked a fire in Katherine that will forever live on, and has only continued to live on and keep the doors open to even more possibilities in the future.