We’ve moved to Vero Beach, Florida - Where the adventures continue and a ‘new’ 1955 Cottage has become our project and home!


We can’t wait to share the story of this home and all that we continue to do with it! Stay tuned!

It all started when....

we met! Well, as we got to know each other a little more really. Jon had dreamt of moving back to 'the mainland' somewhere, running a boat, and getting an old truck, a dog, and eventually a house. He did include that I was a big part of this whole plan too! So once we moved to (and back to) Florida we rented a house near downtown, Jon found a '68 Ford, we adopted a dog, and in the Spring of 2016 we purchased our first home!

Since we found the house...

It sure has been an adventure. We were thrilled when the house we saw listed online wasn't under contract yet (only 3 in the area we were looking at were actually available!) and within 8 days of it being listed we were under contract to buy our little yellow cottage!