Drake University

In May 2014 Katherine graduated with a degree in Environmental Art and Science with a Minor in English and Concentration in Leadership Education and Development. In addition to school Katherine is very interested in getting outdoors, discovering small gems wherever she lives, and staying connected with people.

B.A. Environmental Art and Science

This individualized degree integrates Drake University’s Studio Arts program with its Environmental Science curriculum. Specific courses have been selected and outlined to give a strong understanding of both fields individually leading to a well thought out and designed senior capstone (which is still in development). Courses in the arts have included Drawing, Painting, and 3-Dimensional Arts; Environmental Sciences courses have included Tropical Ecology, Conservation Biology (currently enrolled), Botany, and Population and Community Ecology. These courses, along with Drake University’s Area of Inquiry Program (more information on AOIs here) will result in being well informed through interdisciplinary studies.


Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Concentration

Still in it’s inaugural years at Drake University, the LEAD Concentration at Drake University has been developed to be an interdisciplinary program giving special attention to developing better understanding and self and the workings of groups. Great student and faculty input continues to develop the program to be the best it can be, and Katherine contributes to this by being a member and Ambassador through the Student Leadership Advisory Panel (SLAP). You can learn more about the Drake LEAD program on their website.

English Minor

Katherine’s Minor in English came about after completing several courses to fulfill AOIs that lead to nearly completing the degree requirements, which she hadn’t even declared yet! Those courses covered such depth and breadth that she continued on with it. Courses have included: British Literature, South African Literature, and Reading and Writing Drama.