In A nutshell

I happily live in Saint Augustine, FL with husband Jonathan, baby Wynnifred and doggie Archibald.  Jonathan recently switched careers from a full time Captain & caretaker of the Schooner Freedom (a 76' tallship that sails daily in the Saint Augustine harbor area) to an Accounts Representative for TWC Services & Katherine is full-time Mommy and near full time with Aqcuisitions + Sales teams at TWC Services. In 2016 we bought our first home, and are still enjoying making it more and more perfect. When not working, we love to explore Saint Augustine (so many good restaurants, breweries, beaches!), tackle wish-list house projects & spend low-key time together enjoying the paradise we live in. We can't wait to share all of these things, and our growing family, with you all!

Growing up with KJC

Born in northern Illinois, I became an older sister (first Geoffrey, then to several dogs and cats throughout the years) at 19 months old. My parents have always encouraged both me and my brother to try new food (I eat almost everything except Jello), go on adventures (I can portage a canoe on my own), and take risks everyday.

I attended an Independent Private school through 8th Grade in Kenosha, Wisconsin. While Armitage Academy isn't around any more, the teachers, Interum Units, and doorless classrooms sure set me up for all the wonderful things to come. There I was immersed in small classroom oriented work that greatly developed my ability to work in groups, a variety of presentation styles and techniques, and the value of  


developing strong relationships with those you work with.

After an 8th grade graduation speech my life took a journey to Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin to attend high school. There, my family and I had found Conserve School, an independent boarding high school focused on conservation and the outdoors. From the first day on campus my explorations led to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the outdoor world and sustainable living practices, that I would graduate with and use to further develop my life path. (This school still exists but has since transitioned to a Semester School, more information is available here.)

Conserve School

It is true when they say that you're life can change in an instant, because it happened for me. Instantly after arriving onto campus in Land O Lakes, Wisconsin, we knew that this place would become home and couldn't wait for the journey to begin. 

Conserve School is located on 1200 acres of Northwoods Wisconsin land, with 7 lakes, 25+ miles of old logging road trail and 10 miles (and growing) of student-build single trail. While the numbers may sound impressive, the magic and spirit that this place holds was what captivated me and my whole family throughout the four years I lived and learned at Lowenwood (the properties name). With a focus of Conservation and Sustainability this school not only developed well informed students, but individuals that would go out into the world and make significantly positive impacts on the world around them. I try to live with this philosophy as much as possible. 


By living with teachers and peers a whole other layer of learning and developing occurred throughout the Lowenwood experience. 

Challenges and joys, all were a part of the education on a whole, and a vital part at that.  

This environment provided and encouraged a network and support that otherwise would not have existed. Spur of the moment runs in the rain and movie marathons would not have been the same without the academic focuses and common living areas that Conserve School had.


Not many youth have the opportunity to have a deep connection and education to a natural world, let alone in a place where you are only surrounded by it. Learning early on about the Green Machine (water processing facility on campus) , living with land/earth conscious classmates and faculty members, and being exposed to a variety of experiences and opportunities that paid special attentions to the land and the world we live in. Being a part of environmental and outdoor recreation education sparked a fire in my that will forever live on, and has only continued to live on and keep the doors open to even more possibilities in the future.

Drake University

In May 2014 I graduated from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa with a degree in Environmental Art and Science with a Minor in English and Concentration in Leadership Education and Development. 


This individualized degree integrates Drake University’s Studio Arts program with its Environmental Science curriculum. Specific courses were selected and outlined to give a strong understanding of both fields individually leading to a well thought out and designed senior capstone. Courses in the arts included Drawing, Painting, and 3-Dimensional Arts; Environmental Sciences courses included Tropical Ecology, Conservation Biology, Botany, and Population and Community Ecology. These courses, along with Drake University’s Area of Inquiry Program (more information on AOIs here) resulted in being well informed through interdisciplinary studies.




During it’s inaugural years at Drake University, the LEAD Concentration at Drake University had been developed to be an interdisciplinary program giving special attention to developing better understanding of self and the workings of groups. Great student and faculty input continues to develop the program to be the best it can be, and I contributed to this by being a member and Ambassador through the Student Leadership Advisory Panel (SLAP). You can learn more about the Drake LEAD program on their website.


My Minor in English came about after completing several courses to fulfill AOIs that lead to nearly completing the degree requirements, which I hadn’t even declared yet! Those courses covered such depth and breadth that I continued on with it and were some of my favorite and most thought provoking. Courses included: British Literature, South African Literature, and Reading and Writing Drama.

Saint Augustine

Following my Graduation from Drake Univeristy, I moved down to Saint Augustine, Florida in May 2014! Knowing Florida was more than just Disney World, I drove down (with my Father) with only a minivan full of things - having never seen Saint Augustine before and trusting my then boyfriend Jonathan that it would be a great place to live, I've lived happily here since arriving. 


On October 3rd, 2015 we got married, in Saint Augustine! We continue to search out the best restaurants and craft cocktails, and try to keep up with Archie! In July 2017 we grew by one.. Wynnifred joined the Cook Crew!